ROF Case Study: Wipro


picture1Wipro Technologies was opening its Tampa, Florida headquarters and sought high quality furniture with a sleek, open, and contemporary design, but on a budget. They had a design vision that included low panels, frosted frameless glass without visible hardware, and power and data accessibility at the worksurface.




picture2ROF’s Design and Operations teams worked together to develop a typical that not only used as few panels as possible, but also reduced the height of the panels, created integral frameless plexiglass stackers, and desk-mounted privacy panels. Desktop power/data modules completed the design.




picture3A low and open office environment provided Wipro with the fun and collaborative atmosphere they desired for their tech company. ROF was able to meet their budget needs by not only using remanufactured Herman Miller and Steelcase furniture, but also by providing preowned ancillary pieces throughout the space.




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