4 Drawer File Cabinets for Sale from ROF Furniture

ROF Furniture carries a large stock of office furniture to suit any size business, including 4 drawer file cabinets. A great way to organize the seemingly infinite 4 Drawer File Cabinets number of papers in business, 4 drawer file cabinets allow let you keep all your documents out of your way and in order. Also, many of our 4 drawer file cabinets come with locks to further increase security. 4 drawer file cabinets from ROF come with the following features and options:

  • Wooden file cabinets come in finishes including cherry, oak, maple, and more
  • Various heights and widths
  • Black, white, gray, and more colors for metal file cabinets
  • Horizontal (lateral) and vertical styles
  • Fire proof file cabinets

ROF also carries used 4 drawer file cabinets to allow you to further save money. Because we carry only the most respected brands, you can the benefit of a lower price without giving up quality and beauty. For more information and a quote on 4 drawer file cabinets from ROF for your company, call or e-mail us today.

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