• Adjustable Height Office Chairs Provide Comfort and May Increase Productivity

    Adjustable Height Office Chairs have become a must-have now that today’s employees spend so much time at their desks working on computers. Traditional office chairs simply weren’t designed for hours spent in front of a computer screen. Many of these types of chairs can cause back, neck, and hip pain since employees cannot adjust them to meet their specific height and comfort requirements.

    Unfortunately for employers, it’s not only their employees that are suffering. Employees afflicted with chronic work-related pain may cost their employers more in workers’ compensation claims and higher insurance premiums, not to mention increased turnover rates, poor attendance, and reduced overall productivity.

    Since there’s no such thing as an “average” person, it’s nearly impossible for standard chairs to comfortably fit most employees. Ideally, offices would have adjustable desks, keyboards, and computer screens, but since these options aren’t always realistic, employees must rely on their chairs for comfort.Adjustable Height Office Chairs

    Ergonomic used office chairs provide employees with the adjustable seating they need in order to reduce pain, stay comfortable for longer periods of time, and potentially complete tasks more quickly. Chairs that allow employees to adjust the chair back or headrest, provide extra padding, or include a locking tilt feature may provide the most comfort.

    Following are a few of the different types of adjustable height office chairs available from ROF:

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