NeoCon 2016

Several of our designers were delighted to be able to attend NeoCon this year. NeoCon is a convention held at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart every June, featuring the newest and most innovative products from all the major furniture and interior architectural product manufacturers. We gathered our top picks from the show to share! For more information on any of these products, please contact us.   If you have to have a … Continue reading

What Drives Our Success?

I’ve been with Reimagine Office Furnishings for 6 1/2 years as their H.R. Manager and I have been a part of developing what makes us successful…Our Employees. Getting to this point didn’t happen overnight as I’m sure any H.R. Leader can attest to. There have been a painstaking number of interviews, pre-employment tests, candidate reviews, orientations and training to get to this level but our due diligence has paid off … Continue reading

Human Resource Intuition

I’ve been a Human Resource Manager/Director for the last 12 years and have absolutely loved it. Over the course of those years I have learned quite a bit and also have been frustrated at times. My primary frustration has been the process of interviewing and hiring quality team members. Team members that have a passion for what they do, understand what commitment is and are dedicated to the success of … Continue reading

What’s new at Refurbished Office Furniture | June 2012

We’re so excited to introduce what’s new at Reimagine Office Furnishings this summer: A bi-monthly look at what’s new at Reimagine Office Furnishings! This month: 1) The Art of Re-manufacturing 2) Indiana Furniture’s new case goods line called Canvas 3) A look at a new seating company called @ the Office 4) A look at how ROF re-upholsters office seating For more information or for a custom consultation with one … Continue reading

What is Flow Manufacturing?

So the other day one of my guys came up to me and asked, what is Flow Manufacturing? As you can imagine, in my head I was torn because on one side I was thinking “SERIOUSLY!!!!! WHAT IS FLOW MANUFACTURING? WHAT IS FLOW MANUFACTURING? SIX YEARS we have all these examples of FLOW MANUFACTURING right here at ROF and countless trainings and you are asking ME what Flow Manufacturing is?” … Continue reading

Remanufactured Avenir We Recently Installed: Increased Density

Hopefully this will inspire some new ideas for you! We are very excited to show you how we helped our client increase density by 25% (from 600 to 750 employees) by collaborating with the entire design team at Reimagine Office Furnishings. For this project, we used remanufactured Avenir, serpentine bench desks and took cubicle size down to 5×7 from a 6×8 and 8×8. Our Avenir features 2 year warranty and … Continue reading

Keep “Green” simple and you’ll make a difference!

I’ve been involved in a “green business” for about 20 years now and I have seen and heard just about everything as it relates to the definition of what “green is” and why it’s important. Early on I thought it was very complex, then I thought it was easy to understand, then complex again and now I’m back to it’s easy. Let me explain the easy part. Sustainability, what is … Continue reading

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