Cubicles are An Ideal Substitute for a Cement Office


With the way our office environments are growing and evolving every day, the need for more desks and workstations increases. A good way to provide privacy for your employees when you don’t have enough offices is to install cubicles. They are an ideal substitute for an office with cement walls.

ROF has a large variety of cubicles for sale to meet the needs of you, your employees and your office space. Our Herman Miller cubicles, and other brand cubicles, are made up of fabric, foam, extruded aluminum frame, hardboard and internal wood frame. Our refurbished, used and new office cubicles can be customized to your specifications for your personnel’s comfort.
You can add the following accessories to your cubicles:

  • Coordinating pedestals in various colors (gray, putty, black, charcoal and cherry)
  • Shelving
  • Opaque view-through panels
  • 2-way corner connector
  • 3-way T connector
  • Cubicle dividers
  • Cubicle Wall Mount Kit
  • And more

The office cubicles for sale can also have cherry or gray cubicle desk surface finishes. Our new, refurbished and used office cubicles are durable due to the aluminum frame; stylish thanks to the contemporary trimming; and versatile because you can easily reconfigure the cubicles in your workspace.

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