An Ergonomic Chair Can Help Hip Pain

If you have ever sat for an extended period of time only to have trouble standing up, then it’s easy to see how having the wrong office chair can cause hip pain. Oftentimes, poorly designed chairs put pressure on certain points of the body rather than evenly distributing the body’s weight. This setup results in undue muscle strain and pain resulting from the body trying to steady itself, as well as the need to readjust your position frequently due to discomfort.

However, there is hope for those whose jobs require them to sit for long periods of time: an ergonomic chair. Hip pain often stems from putting stress on those joints, and so logically, the best way to reduce hip pain is by reducing the physical stress on hips. A well-designed ergonomic chair redistributes the body’s weight while encouraging good posture. This redistribution results in less pressure being put on any one part of the body, including hips, thereby reducing physical strain and damage.

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