Fireproof File Cabinets for Sale from ROF Furniture

When a fire tears through a building, precious documents are often one of the most devastating losses. Protect yourself and your business with fireproof file Fireproof File Cabinets cabinets for sale from ROF Furniture. Offering the style and function of file cabinets, fireproof file cabinets also have the added benefit of providing you with peace of mind and safeguarding your business documents against fire in the event of a tragedy. Fireproof file cabinets for sale from ROF Furniture come with the following options and features:

  • Various heights and widths
  • Horizontal (lateral) and vertical configurations
  • Gray, white, black, and more colors
  • Two, three, four, and five drawers

Many fireproof file cabinets also include locks to further enhance security, and ROF’s key shop provides you with all necessary keys to keep your documents safe. Further, many of our fireproof file cabinets provide protection against water damage and impact damage, so that even if the floor drops from below the cabinet, your documents will still be safe. Call or e-mail ROF today for more information.

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