Protect the Environment with Green Furniture from ROF

Green FurnitureOutfitting your office with the green furniture options available at ROF is one of the surest ways to help your business reduce its impact on the environment. Instead of using brand new furniture to fill your workplace, why not opt for a more sensible option like used or refurbished furnishings from ROF? By using these green furniture solutions, you are keeping perfectly usable office furniture from taking up valuable space in our landfills. Plus, your business stands to save a considerable amount when your select used or refurbished items, which are available to you at a fraction of the original retail cost.

Whether you need green furnishings for a small, local office, a large, regional company, or anything in between, the massive inventory at ROF will surely have what you need. Plus, because ROF never yields on our commitment to quality, our complete selection of environmentally-friendly furniture still comes from the finest manufacturers in the industry, such as Haworth, Teknion, Herman Miller, Global, HON, and more.

ROF offers a wide variety of green furniture, including used and refurbished:

If you would like to learn more about how green furniture can help create the kind of sustainable office environment you’re hoping for, contact ROF today. By reducing your business’s potentially damaging effect on the environment and saving money on office furniture in the process, we believe that buying used and refurbished furniture is a win for all involved.

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