Haworth Workstations from ROF

haworth workstationsHaworth workstations can help you improve the efficiency of your office with quality products designed for durability. These workstations are available new or used at ROF, and you can customize your workstations to match your existing décor with the following touches:

  • New panel fabric
  • Metal or wood frames painted in the color you choose
  • A variety of wood finishes for you to choose from, including oak, cherry, mahogany, and others
  • Cubicle accessories, including file pedestals

Setting up multiple Haworth workstations in a large area can help you fit a large number of employees into a limited space. Even a small area can be efficiently compartmentalized to afford your employees the space and privacy they need to perform at their best.

Floor-to-ceiling panels, modular walls, and partitions are also available if you’d like to create enclosures in spaces where dividing walls and doors are scarce. Employees that routinely handle confidential documents or assist with legal or personnel issues will appreciate the added protection from prying eyes and ears. You can also use thicker panels to minimize noise in areas with heavy phone traffic, including call center, telemarketing, and technical support areas.

We routinely offer used Haworth workstations as part of our refurbishment program. Buying used cubicles could help you save up to 80% on your purchase, and we’ll be happy to help you combine both new and used Haworth workstations in your order if you like. Just let us know when you contact us.

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