Hospital Sleeper Chairs with Wheels from ROF

Hospital sleeper chairs with wheels can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and no sleep at all for a stressed family member who wants to stay overnight with a patient. Providing a comfortable place for loved ones to sleep is more than just a compassionate way to help the patient’s family. It can also help you take better care of your patient.

Recent studies show that patients with strong family support often experience better outcomes than patients who remain isolated. So we offer a variety of sleeper chairs with adjustable recline, armrests, and footrests to help you provide patients and their families with the ultimate in comfort. By making it easier and more comfortable for families to stay with patients during the night, you’ll be improving overall patient and family care.

At ROF, we understand that safety standards are especially vital in the healthcare industry, where liability is such a growing concern. This is why we inspect all of our furniture to ensure that it meets high standards for quality and durability.

ROF carries several other types of healthcare furniture, including:

  • Overbed tables
  • Medical office furniture and guest chairs
  • End tables for offices
  • Waiting room couches
  • Hospital chairs

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