Locking File Cabinets for Sale from ROF Furniture

Most if not all businesses have documents that are considered private and are of special importance, and it is of infinite importance to keep these documents safeLocking File Cabinets and away from prying eyes. Locking file cabinets from ROF Furniture achieve this and more; not only do locking file cabinets keep your important papers safe and secure, but they also keep your documents organized. Some of the options and features available with locking file cabinets from ROF include:

  • Various heights and widths
  • Metal colors include white, black, gray, and more
  • Wooden file cabinets come in maple, cherry, oak, and more
  • Two, three, four, and five drawers
  • Horizontal (lateral) and vertical

To further protect your documents, consider fire proof locking file cabinets; not only do these require a key to open, but in the event of a fire, your files will be safe. ROF also offers locking file cabinets in new and used conditions to accommodate for any budget. Plus, our key shop ensures that your locking file cabinets have new keys and that you get all necessary keys to utilize your new furniture. For more information or for a quote on locking file cabinets for your office, call or e-mail ROF today.

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