New and Used Mahogany File Cabinets

With their rich, almost chocolate color and traditional tone, mahogany file cabinets can add sleek style to any business environment. Often found in some of the most sumptuous offices, your clients and customers are sure to be impressed by the inherent quality of solid wood mahogany file cabinets. Plus, with ROF Furniture, you Mahogany File Cabinetcan get the durable and beautiful design of mahogany file cabinets from manufacturers such as Herman Miller and Haworth at extremely affordable prices.

Choose from a variety of options for your mahogany file cabinets, including:

  • 4-drawer
  • 3-drawer
  • 2-drawer
  • Many finishes to get the exact hue you desire
  • Various dimensions (heights, widths, depths, etc.)
  • Rolling designs
  • Vertical or horizontal configurations

Whether you’re in Seattle, Jackson, or Clearwater, your company can benefit from our new and used mahogany file cabinets. Although we offer low prices on all our new file cabinets and other office furniture, you simply cannot beat the value of our used mahogany file cabinets. Often indistinguishable from new, our used furniture provides the quality construction and fine materials of some of the top manufacturers at a price that is a fraction of their original cost. If you want the very pinnacle of durable, dependable, and beautiful yet affordable furniture, then our mahogany file cabinets are perfect for you.

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