Medical Recliners with Wheels Enhance Patient Safety and Comfort

Medical recliners with wheels are a must for medical offices and healthcare settings that cater to geriatric patients or offer post-op care. By providing the lift patients need to stand up and sit down, these recliners provide comfort and relief from pain and anxiety.

In a medical facility where patients rely on your care to remain safe and comfortable, you can’t afford to buy substandard office furniture that breaks easily or doesn’t provide proper patient support. ROF inspects all of the furniture it receives to ensure that it meets high quality and durability standards, so you can be assured you’re receiving a product you can trust when you order healthcare furniture from ROF.

We carry a large selection of healthcare furniture from Legacy Furniture, a leader in constructing high-quality medical furnishings. With over 120,000 square feet of office furniture inventory, we know you’ll find what you need.

In addition to medical recliners, ROF also carries the following types of healthcare furniture:

  • Medical office furniture and guest chairs
  • Hospital sleeper chairs
  • Waiting room couches
  • End tables for offices
  • Hospital chairs

If you’re looking for healthcare furniture you can trust, you can’t go wrong with Legacy Furniture and ROF. Contact us today.

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