NeoCon 2016

Several of our designers were delighted to be able to attend NeoCon this year. NeoCon is a convention held at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart every June, featuring the newest and most innovative products from all the major furniture and interior architectural product manufacturers. We gathered our top picks from the show to share! For more information on any of these products, please contact us.


If you have to have a meeting, you may as well have a comfy seat, right?

Conference Couch

Is it a monitor arm? Is it a charger? Is it a docking station? YES! This amazing product does all 3.

Monitor Arm

If this is where I worked I would never want to leave.

Monitor Chair

When you get tired of standing at your height-adjustable desk, just perch.

Adjustable Height Table

One of the downsides of an open office environment is that it is can be a challenge to have a phone conversation. These chairs are noise deadening and provide a comfortable place to relax and even charge your phone.


Chair 2

Chair 3

This spherical workstation with a comfy seat is about as anti-cubicle as you can get.

Spherical Desk

Ever wish you could had some extra desk space? This desk expands!

Expanding Desk

Beautiful, sleek, contemporary desk.


Is it a bean bag chair? No, but sure looks like it! We really dig the silver finish too.

Oval Chair

A nap pod for the office. Yes please.

Nap Pod

We love this portable combination power monument and side table for lounge spaces. Power when you need it, where you need it.

Power Table

Wireless phone charger, built into the table top. How cool is that?

Wireless Charger

This mobile storage pedestal wins best-in-show for storage, in our opinion. Not only does it roll, provide filing space, and a cushioned seat when closed, but its locking hidden top compartment is the perfect place to keep your personal bag and electronics. The pocket on the side is pretty nifty, too.

Mobile Ped

This desk provides privacy and acoustics in a small space.

Acoustic Desk

This beautiful conference table is an amazing of engineering with just one base.

Conference Table

It’s like eating outside, but on a comfy seat, without the bugs and bad weather.

Break Room

We love this media conferencing setup with its mid-century feel and the bookshelves that act as a room divider.


Work at a benching station but need to cut out distraction? No problem with this work  cove.

Work Cove

Height-adjustable desks just keep getting better and better looking.

Adjustable Height Desk

Desk 2

Adjustable Height Desk 2

This combination benching desk and sofa brings a whole new meaning to pull up a chair.


It’s just your basic office jungle gym..

Jungle Gym

The most adorable bench we’ve ever seen.


For the ultimate in active lifestyles.

Gym Desk

What a soft, cozy place to get a break from your desk.


Or, you could just bring the sofa TO your desk!

Sofa Desk

This chair may look funky, but it is super comfortable.

Chair 4