Office Reception Desk Options with Style

Your office reception desk should not only look good but also be functional. Your receptionist has to answer phone calls, answer questions and greet guests sometimes simultaneously. This can become hectic and sometimes a bit messy. This is why ROF is happy to report that we have numerous office reception desk options to help your receptionist handle these multiple tasks in an orderly fashion.

Our office reception desk selection:

  • Can come in a vast number of colors
  • Comes in a number of wood finishes
  • Is available with accessories
  • Comes with letter or legal side-to-side filing
  • Is available in U shapes
  • Is available in L shapes

Aside from coming in a number of wood finishes like medium cherry, our office reception desk selection can have a privacy hutch attached in case your papers aren’t entirely in order. Your clients and guests won’t be the wiser. Best of all, our office reception desk selection is affordable. No matter your budget, and these days everyone has a budget, we can accommodate your price point with a discount reception desk.

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