Office Sneeze Guards Installed for Businesses in Clearwater, FL

Office Sneeze Guards Clearwater FLIf you’re a business owner, you’re well aware of how a virus can affect the workplace. All it takes is one sick employee to infect your entire staff, and with so many people out sick, your operations can suffer. Take a vital step toward a healthier work environment by having ROF install office sneeze guards at your place of business in the Clearwater, Florida, area.

Wellness Screen Options

Our office sneeze guards can be installed on nearly any type of office furniture, including reception desks, sit-to-stand desks, cubicles, and workstations. You can customize your wellness screens by size and also by selecting from frosted or clear plexiglass, clear glass, and fabric panels. Sneeze guards for desks can also feature a dry erase surface, serving a dual function for your office.

Easy Installation

Our protective barriers screw directly into the work surfaces of desks and training room tables. For cubicles and workstations, they clamp to the panels, eliminating the need for screws. As a full-service office furniture broker, ROF is happy to install your sneeze guards for you.

A Local Leader in Office Furnishings

Business owners in the Clearwater, FL, area have been relying on our expert office furnishing services since 1991. As leaders in the industry, we know what you need for your workplace, and it’s so important now more than ever that you take extra precautions to ensure your employees’ health.

Contact ROF today for more information about our office sneeze guards and how they can help slow the spread of germs.

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