Overbed Tables Fulfill a Variety of Patient Needs

Overbed tables are essential to patient comfort and convenience. Patients use the tables to eat, drink, write, read, play simple games, talk on the phone, and store commonly needed items. Some even utilize their tables as laptop stands while confined to bed.

ROF understands that patient safety must always be paramount when choosing furnishings for a healthcare setting. For that reason, ROF offers the Legacy Furniture line. Legacy furniture is specifically designed for use in a medical facility or home healthcare environment. Overbed Tables

Legacy overbed tables are durable and designed to withstand long-term repeated use and abuse. They can be vertically adjusted to comfortably fit over nearly any patient’s lap whether the patient is bedridden or seated upright in a chair. A patented locking mechanism secures the table at the height you select, so the table won’t suddenly move and potentially injure the patient or damage their belongings.

Legacy also incorporates additional safety features like rounded edges into its table design. Table casters are specially designed to move fluidly and quickly for fast, easy relocation of the table during an emergency.

In addition to overbed tables, ROF also offers the following healthcare furniture:

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