Remanufactured Avenir We Recently Installed: Increased Density

Hopefully this will inspire some new ideas for you! We are very excited to show you how we helped our client increase density by 25% (from 600 to 750 employees) by collaborating with the entire design team at Reimagine Office Furnishings.

For this project, we used remanufactured Avenir, serpentine bench desks and took cubicle size down to 5×7 from a 6×8 and 8×8. Our Avenir features 2 year warranty and was remanufactured in a UL certified facility.


12 year warranty – remanufactured in a UL certified facility


5×7 27% smaller – increases density


5×7 from a 6×8 and 8×8


Letting sunlight in will increase productivity 3-4%


Serpentine Bench – increases density