ROF Case Study: DPR Construction


With the merger between DPR and Hardin Construction, DPR wanted to create a new and innovative space within their existing building. DPR’s plan was to bring a popular open-space style of design from Silicone Valley to the Tampa Bay Area.







Reception StationROF design worked with DPR to come up with a furniture layout that would help create the open atmosphere that they were looking for. DPR had the building gutted out to bring in the natural light, which was previously blocked with offices along the perimeter of the space. ROF installed lower height workstations to create a space for collaboration. Another feature in the space that ROF Design created were glass demountable walls for conference and huddle areas which would allow the natural light to stream in while creating a sense of privacy.

Reception Seating








Station 1
ROF was successful in helping to create a fun, light, and open space that encourages collaboration while still providing areas for concentrative work


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