ROF Case Study: Jabil


Jabil Circuit opened a new location in St. picture1Petersburg, FL and wanted to utilize their inventory of Teknion furniture.  However, their furniture was tall, bulky, and not conducive to the open work environment that they envisioned for their new space.




ROF’s Design and Operations teams workedpicture2 together to develop a new station typical out of the existing furniture.  We cut down the panels to create visibility through the office, painted and reupholstered the furniture, created new modern worksurfaces, and utilized the elements that still worked, such as glass and white board.




Low panels in fresh white and silverpicture3 finishes set off the walnut worksurfaces to create a low and open office space environment that still provides privacy.  Jabil was able to save significantly on the cost of new furniture by remanufacturing the old, and the landfill was kept free of furniture that otherwise would have been discarded.  We call that a win-win!



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