ROF Case Study: Zenith American


Zenith American Solutions opened another location in San Francisco, California.  They wanted to fit several employees in an open but long narrow space. Managers had to be placed strategically throughout to the space to sit among the workers. The timeline was short and tight so opening in a timely manner was a large obstacle.




Solutionreception seating

The 120 degree workstations allow the employees to have their own privacy or communicate as needed. They are able to customize their own space by setting each worksurface at a different height for every employees preference.





Resultsbreak tables

The workers were placed throughout the space in the 120 workstations since they did not require much square feet per workstation.  The low zig-zag panels keeps the space feeling open and natural light floods the room from the tall windows.  Casual meeting spaces allows the staff to congregate and brainstorm new ideas to keep the company moving forward.



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