Round Office Tables Are Perfect for Your Next Informal Meeting

Round Office Tables lend an informal, intimate tone to small group meetings or one-on-one consultations. Perfect for mentoring, training, or performance reviews, these tables offer a convenient place for small groups to meet privately without wasting premium conference room space designed with larger gatherings in mind.Round Office Tables

ROF offers a variety of secondhand office furniture, including plenty of used tables, for increased cost-efficiency. ROF specializes in recycling/refurbishing barely used office furniture and can touch up the finish on used items to make them look like new again.

ROF recommends the following seating options to accompany your table:

  • Computer Chairs – perfect for one-on-one employee laptop-based training
  • Guest Chairs – best for interviews, small presentations, etc.
  • Ergonomic Chairs – ideal for employees who spend long hours sitting, especially when using a computer

The next time you find yourself searching for an appropriate small meeting space only to find your conference room is already taken, consider purchasing one of the round office tables available from ROF.

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