Traditional Office Furniture from ROF

Traditional office furniture brings an antique feel to any room it occupies, taking your room to a level of beauty and elegance that you always hoped to achieve. Traditional office furniture can be viewed as artwork, using the finest materials, highly-trained craftsmen, and designs that are both practical and creative to provide you with durable, beautiful pieces. In many ways, traditional office furniture is in direct opposition to contemporary office furniture. It takes its inspiration from early furniture designs and techniques—classic bookcases, regal chairs, and heavily-ornamented desks. Its materials are often heavy oaks and mahoganies with intricate carvings. But today, traditional office furniture is combined with standards of contemporary design, such as metal materials and simpler lines and patterns, to create truly innovative pieces without losing the look and feel of traditional office furniture. traditionalofficefurniture

ROF offers various pieces of traditional office furniture:

We are proud of the traditional office furniture we offer because it reminds us of the roots of furniture-making and makes us value all the pieces we handle and care for throughout our large headquarters in Tampa, Florida. To spread our love of finely-crafted traditional office furniture, whether it is metal or wood office furniture, we will ship anywhere, from Miami to New York and beyond. We want you to enjoy your traditional office furniture as much as we do.

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