Used Medical Office Furniture for Clinics and Hospitals Nationwide

ROF provides a wide variety of high quality yet affordable used medical office furniture that is sure to suit the needs of any medical office or clinic. ROF’s continued commitment to quality shows in the reputable brands of used medical office furniture we choose to stock. We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with only the most flawless, durable, and functional furniture that we place through our rigorous testing procedures in order to ensure complete satisfaction for years to come. Whether you are in Tampa, Atlanta, or Seattle ROF is sure to provide you with only the most superior used medical office furniture including:Used Medical Office Furniture

  • Used Waiting Room Furniture
  • Office Chairs and Other Seating
  • Medical Cabinetry
  • New Medical Office Furniture

In our 120,000 square foot facility we stock and refurbish all of our furniture in order to supply you with only the highest quality, long-lasting used medical office furniture at the lowest prices available. Unlike other retailers ROF’s ability to do all of the furniture refurbishing in-house provides our customers with prices that add up to 80% off retail. ROF’s used medical office furniture provides you with the ultimate in both form and function for your medical office.

For the lowest prices on new and used office furniture, click here to request a quote or call 877-763-4400 to speak with a sales associate.