Used Office Furniture, Cubicles & Office Chairs for Miramar Companies Available at ROF

Used Office Furniture, Cubicles & Office Furniture for MiramarConsider buying new or used office furniture, cubicles, and office chairs for your Miramar office from ROF the next time your business needs to purchase furniture. We specialize in selling new, used, and refurbished cubicles, chairs, desks, tables, and various other items for your office. We understand that you have a budget to meet, but you also want the best quality furniture you can purchase. That is why we sell much of the used and refurbished office furniture at ROF at significant discounts from the price of new office furniture.

When you buy from ROF you can expect quality, because:

  • All of our furniture comes from top brands, like HON, Steelcase, and Herman Miller
  • We carefully select all of the furniture that comes through our facility
  • No piece of furniture leaves our warehouse without a cleanliness and durability inspection

ROF has a 120,000-square-foot facility located in Tampa, Florida that is home to all of our carefully selected office furniture. We also employ a full team of moving experts and own a fleet of trucks, which makes shipping your furniture from the gulf coast to Miramar a breeze.

Contact ROF today if you would like to receive more information about the office furniture we currently have available.

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