Wood File Cabinet versus Metal

When you’re shopping for office furniture, there are a seemingly infinite number of options to consider. Even when you narrow down the type of furniture to a file cabinet, you still have to choose between numerous features. One of the most Wood File Cabinetcontentious issues most people face is the choice between a wood file cabinet and metal. Although both have their pros and cons, it’s important to consider just what is right for you.

One factor to consider when shopping for a metal or wood file cabinet is durability. Obviously, metal usually lasts longer than a wood file cabinet, no matter how well built it may be. More resistant to scratches and simple wear and tear, a metal file cabinet is best suited for environments in which it is moved a lot or simply in the way of traffic. However, it’s also important to remember that a solid wood file cabinet can easily be refinished and touched-up, so fear of wear and tear should not completely discount your buying a wood file cabinet.

Another factor to consider between a metal and a wood file cabinet is aesthetic appeal. If your office is done completely in a certain type of wood, say, oak, then it would make sense to get wood oak file cabinets to complement the existing décor. However, if your office is already outfitted with metal desks and other functional furniture, then a metal file cabinet would suit it just fine. Generally speaking, a metal file cabinet is seen as mostly functional, and while it can be extremely stylish, a wood file cabinet usually surpasses it in style, beauty, and grace.

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