Café/Break Room Design Ideas by The ROF Design Team


The following design ideas are the result of thousands of hours of collaboration with our clients. Some of the ideas were actually implemented and others were stepping stones to the end result.

Our intent is to open up our designers creations to you, so you can see the endless possibilities of what we offer here at ROF. Great office design doesn’t have to be expensive, but does take ROF’s talented designers and our buying power.

We make the process easy and will be there every step of the way from test fits until the day you move in.

Please contact us if you need help designing you’re your new office!

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Cafe 113
Item: Cafe 113
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Cafe 112
Item: Cafe 112
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Cafe 111
Item: Cafe 111
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Cafe 110
Item: Cafe 110
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Cafe 109
Item: Cafe 109
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Cafe 108
Item: Cafe 108
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Cafe 107
Item: Cafe 107
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Cafe 106
Item: Cafe 106
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Cafe 105
Item: Cafe 105
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Cafe 104
Item: Cafe 104
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Cafe 103
Item: Cafe 103
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Cafe 102
Item: Cafe 102
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Cafe 101
Item: Cafe 101
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Cafe 100
Item: Cafe 100
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