Glass Reception Desk from ROF Furniture

Whether you’re in architecture, law, or anywhere in between, a glass reception desk from ROF Furniture can bring your office the cool, clean look you want without costing a fortune. Because we offer both new and used conditions, you’re sure to find a glass reception desk you can afford, regardless of your budget or economic circumstances. Although our new stock of furnishings are all low-priced, our used furniture is offered at up to 80% off its original cost, bringing you the perfect glass reception desk for your office without the hefty price tag.

Glass Reception Desk from ROF FurnitureChoose from many options for your glass reception desk, including:

  • Solid wood frames in maple, oak, mahogany, cherry, and fruitwood
  • Traditional, contemporary, and transitional styles
  • Small, medium, and large sizes
  • With or without risers
  • L-shaped, U-shaped, wrap-around, right return, left return
  • One-person and multi-person setups

Along with the options listed above, ROF is proud to offer our customers the exceptional value of new and used conditions for your glass reception desk or desks, allowing you to mix and match new and used to get the prices you need with the quality you deserve. Whether you’re just looking for one or two or you need a glass reception desk for each of your branch offices nationwide, ROF can help you with superior value and quality.

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