Comfortable Hospital Sleeper Chairs from ROF Encourage Rest & Relaxation in Nationwide Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Offices, & More

Hospital Sleeper ChairsHospital sleeper chairs can be comforting for the friends and families of patients who want to remain with their loved ones through the night. With the Legacy Furniture line of sleepers and medical recliners available from ROF of Tampa, Florida, your hospital will no longer have to worry that overnight visitors are uncomfortable. Designed and fabricated with the utmost care, the hospital sleeper chairs of Liberty boast fine materials, superior construction, and ergonomic designs that will allow guests to get a peaceful night of sleep.

Our hospital sleeper chairs come with the following options:

  • With or without wheels
  • Adjustable heights, arms, reclines, and foot rests
  • Colors including olive, cream, beige, rust, and more
  • Sturdy wood or metal frames
  • & Much more

In creating medical furniture, Legacy Furniture has repeatedly proven itself to be a customer-focused manufacturer. Legacy understands, just as ROF does, that the people using medical furniture are usually in stressful situations. Whether for a hospital, medical office, or home health setting, hospital sleeper chairs should be comfortable and relaxing as possible, and Legacy takes extreme care to ensure just that.

For more information on the hospital sleeper chairs carried by ROF, contact us today. From Tampa to Miami and beyond, we have the medical furniture you need to provide a comfortable experience for your patients and guests.

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