Helpful Services for Your Office Furniture Project

Whether you need a few new pieces of office furniture or you’re planning a total renovation, ROF is the office furniture company to partner with. We’ve been offering a wide selection of premium new, used, and refurbished office furniture to businesses in Tampa, Florida, and throughout the United States since 1991, giving us several decades of experience helping business owners enhance their offices. However, unlike many other office furniture companies, we don’t stop there. In addition to providing top-quality furniture, we also offer many helpful services, including:

Design Assistance

Functionality comes first in any office design, but your space should also be welcoming and reflective of your company’s culture. ROF can help you find the perfect balance between form and function with our design assistance services.

Space Planning

Create an efficient office layout that maximizes your space and improves the synergy within your workplace with our space planning services.


We have a team of professional movers and a large fleet of trucks ready to deliver your order directly to your office. Plus, because we are located just a few minutes away from Tampa International Airport and the Port of Tampa, we’re able to ship out-of-state orders quickly.

Installation & Assembly

Our team can handle the installation and assembly process for you, saving you the hassle of setting up bulky cubicles and other furniture on your own.


If you’re letting go of old office furniture to make room for new pieces, ROF can help you turn them into cash with our buy-back program.

Learn More About Our Services

To learn more about any of the services we offer to businesses in Tampa, FL, and throughout the United States, contact ROF today.

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